Process: Fine plaster used for mold and cores. Plaster slurry is poured onto pattern halves and allowed to set, Then mold is removed from patterns and baked to remove all moisture, Patterns are assembled and metal is poured into resultant cavity. After solidification, parts are cleaned and ready for use.

  • Materials Poured: Aluminum.
  • Size Range: 0.1 Lb. To 15 Lbs.
  • Normal Lead Times- Samples: 3-6 Weeks
  • Production: 4-8 Weeks


  • Thin wall sections to 0.025"
  • Tolerance: 0.2% linear.
  • Draft allowance: 0.5 To 1 degree.
  • Good Surface finish 125 RMS.
  • Can produce complex shapes.
  • Minimum stress and distortion in castings.


  • Slower productivity due to long processing cycle.
  • Low to medium volume productions.