Metal Cast Prototypes in Days - Not Weeks

Rapid Prototyping

Quick turn cast metal prototypes. Using standard STL files generated through solid modeling software. Metal prototypes areproduced which meet customer requirements.

No Tooling Necessary

An SLS pattern is used in place of an injected mold pattern - therefore the typical 4-6 week tooling lead time can be avoided.

Material Choices

Carbon steel, Tool steel, Stainless, Aluminum and some copper based materials, etc. Over 90 alloys are available.

Part Size

Machine physical build envelope:

(W)14 x (D)12 x (H)17 inches

Days - Not Weeks

Typical process time from start to finish is 7 to 10 working days.

Request for Quote

Send us your .stl file.

Rapid Prototyping:  Generating  Machined Complete Castings to Assist in Proving out Part Design. Using a 3-D part model, parts can be finished in 2-3 weeks.