Process: Wax is injected into an Aluminum Die to make a wax replica of the part. Wax is dipped in progressively thicker layers of ceramic material. The mold is then put in an autoclave to melt the wax out. Metal is poured into the resultant cavity. After solidification, parts are removed from the mold, cleaned and ready for use..

* Materials Available: steel, stainless steel and aluminum

  • Size range- Fraction of an ounce to 200 lbs.
  • Normal Lead Times- Samples: 3-8 Weeks (depending on complexity)
  • Production: 4-7 Weeks (depending on subsequent operations)


  • Surface Finish
  • Tolerance up to + - .005
  • Directional Solidification makes for better grain structure and higher casting integrity.
  • Near net shape, saves on machining and secondary costs.


  • Higher Piece Price.
  • Longer Lead Times.