Process: Foam pattern made from polystyrene foam in a steel die. Patterns assembled on a sprue, coated with refractory material then placed in a metal flask, surrounded by compacted sand. Molten metal poured into mold dissolving foam pattern, creating the casting. After solidification, castings are cleaned and ready for use.

  • Size Range: 1 Lb. To 500 Lbs.
  • Normal Lead Times- Samples: 6-10 Weeks
  • Production: 4-6 Weeks
  • Materials Available: Iron and aluminum.


  • Nearly unlimited design freedom.
  • No cores needed.
  • 1 degree of draft or less.
  • Can cast many features and reduce machining costs.
  • Good directional solidification means full grain structure and good casting integrity.
  • Good for complex parts.
  • Tolerance up to + - .005


  • Higher tooling cost.
  • Glue line witness.

Lost Foam Casting