What Does This Mean to You?...

Selection of the most practical and economical process for your particular application means lower production costs. Expensive machining operations are often reduced or completely eliminated. You save the time and trouble of examining other methods and soliciting quotes from many vendors with processes not best suited to the application.
Because Foundry Associates, Inc. represents leading sources for castings in every process, a Foundry Associates engineer will work with your engineers while the design is on the drawing board. Parts are designed correctly for the chosen process, giving you a smoother, quicker transition from the drawing board to a production part. This expert and impartial analysis means bigger savings and a better part to you.
Selection of the best available casting method reduces costly and time consuming tool set-ups. Processes are available for castings of fine detail or intricate shapes. Selecting the method best suited to the quantity of parts required, the unit size, materials and special design considerations, results in greater efficiency, lower overall costs and the highest quality standards.

Our History

Since 1969, Foundry Associates has been selling High Quality Metal Castings and Machining to Commercial, Industrial Manufacturing Companies. We have Developed a Highly Respected Network of Foundries that Produce Quality Castings of all Material Types and Sizes.

Our Goal is to Provide your Company with the Best Casting for your Specific Application, at a Competitive Price. Helping guide you to the Best Casting Process for your Requirements. Call us to discuss your Metal Projects, we will assist you in sourcing high quality components that meet your requirements.