Brass and Bronze castings offer high malleability and relatively low melting points, making them easily castable. Many brass and bronze alloys have the unique and desirable property of slightly expanding just before they set, filling in the fine details of a mold that other metals cannot reach.

Copper based alloys are metal alloys that have copper as their principal component.  Also known as bronze or brass, they have high resistance against corrosion.

Commonly Used Copper Based Casting Alloys:

Aluminum Bronze: Heat treat to high strength and hardness.  Good elevated temperature properties and wear resistance.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze: Excellent resistance to corrosion fatigue.  Good weldability.

ā€œGā€ Tin Bronze: Combines good strength and corrosion resistance for pumps, impellers, etc.

Gear Bronze: Combines strength and bearing properties for worm gears and bearings.

Manganese Bronze: Strength and toughness for structural parts.

Silicon Yellow Brass: General purpose die casting alloy having moderate strength.