Aluminum and Zinc castings offer the mechanical properties of medium-strength metals. These materials produce product strength, impact/dent resistance and rigidity. These metals are lightweight, resistant to corrosion and have increased heat resistance. Aluminum alloys are lightweight with good mechanical properties and solid casting and machining characteristics.

Commonly Used Aluminum Casting Alloys:

A356(T6) General purpose high strength alloy.  Excellent casting characteristics and pressure tightness.
C355(T6) Combines high strength with pressure tightness and strength at elevated temperatures.
319 Good castability and pressure tightness with moderate strength.
D712 Good mechanical properties without heat treatment.  Excellent machinability and shock resistance.
Almag 35 Moderate strength without heat treatment.  Excellent stability, machinability and corrosion resistance.

Commonly Used Aluminum Die Casting Alloys:

A380 Most common and offers the best combination of material properties, characteristics, ease of production and cost.
A360 Excellent pressure tightness and electrical conductivity properties.
A390 Excellent for special applications where high strength, thermal conductivity, and wear-resistance/bearing properties are required.

Zinc alloys are versatile materials offering high strengths, thin wall castability and low production costs.  Other advantages include good bearing properties, easy finishing (plating, polishing, etc.), and fast machining.   

Commonly Used Zinc Casting Alloys:

ZA-12 Combines high performance properties and ease of fabrication using either gravity (sand, permanent mold, plaster mold) or (cold chamber) pressure die casting.  An excellent bearing alloy, it machines well and can also be plated.
ZA-27 Can also be gravity or pressure die cast.  It is the lightest zinc alloy and has high strength with excellent bearing and wear- resistance properties.
ZAMAK 3 The premier die casting zinc alloy, it offers good physical and mechanical properties, long-term dimensional stability, and excellent finishing characteristics.
ZAMAK 5 Stronger and harder than #3, castings made of this material exhibit excellent castability and improved creep performance.